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As with most countries, young people represent a majority of the population in our country, and it is of utmost importance that we empower and nurture the youth to become key players and leaders in addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. In order for them to achieve greatness, they need a stage to learn and grow together, so they may take action to solve their unique development challenges. With the goal of bringing together young people from diverse communities and social stages in a meaningful way, ‘National Youth Assembly’, a one of a kind gathering of future national leaders is being organized by JAAGO Foundation’s very own ‘Volunteer for Bangladesh’ wing. Young individuals from 64 districts of Bangladesh gathered under one roof for this assembly to work towards Sustainable Development Goals.


This year the National Youth Assembly took the theme of “Empowering Youth For National Development”. The basis of this Assembly is to acknowledge the youth with leading opportunities, building up their self-esteem, to help them gain the confidence to make full use of their potential. The National Youth Assembly is a host to innovators, leaders and promising young people, providing an opportunity to approach and tackle some of the toughest issues of today. It has also opened the doors to hone diplomatic and developmental skills through enlightened discussions, workshops and networking sessions with the nationwide leaders, entrepreneurs, social influencers, experts, policymakers and international icons across a host of fields. 


The National Youth Assembly 2020 was inaugurated on Day 1, on 26th February, by the Founder and Executive Director of the JAAGO Foundation, Mr. Korvi Rakshand, who enlightened the delegates on what the four-day assembly would be all about, an overview of the speakers and the activities involved. He also highlighted that the NYA is a great platform for them to enhance their skills and to create networks. Influential speeches were given by Khondker Nasif Akhter, President-VBD National Board, Mr. Kanbar Hossein-Bor, British Deputy High Commission to Bangladesh and the Honorable Minister of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mr. Zahid Ahsan Russell MP.


Day 2 of NYA 2020 started with more interactive sessions that involved strong and inspiring speeches. The day was fully packed with informative sessions. In remembrance of Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, Mr. Asif Saleh, Executive Director of BRAC conducted a session on ” Achievements of BRAC & Future Plans for the Youth”. The other sessions of the day were “Act Now or Swim Later: Youth for Water and Climate Change”, “Climate Action”, “Developing Effective Communication Skills”, “Generation Equality: Youth voice for the future”, and “Ensuring Road Safety for Sustainable Cities”. One session that stood out was “Mobilizing Youth for Politics”. This instructive session was moderated by Mr. Shah Ali Farhad who is the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Sheikh Tonmoy MP, Member of the parliament, Nahim Razzaq MP, Member of the Parliament and Nobonita Chowdhury, Director- Violence against women, Brac were the panellists of the session. They discussed the involvement of the youth in politics and how they can be developed. The day ended with an Opportunity Fair with over 16 organizations. Delegates who were looking to engage with hiring managers attended the fair with their resumes. WaterAid, Faraaz Hossain Foundation, BYLC Ventures, UNICEF, IFC, IOM UN Migration, World Vision, Care Bangladesh, Tiger Cage, ACLAB & Community Radio Naf, Johns Hopkins, ICCCAD, Oxfam, Bongo, Education USA, Enroute, Magnito Digital, Suzuki Motorbikes took part at the fair and received applications from the Delegates.


Day 3 of the event consisted of activities that mainly focused on inspiring the youth to make a difference in this world. International Video Blogger and Content Creator, Dear Alyne, shared her life experiences and journey with the delegates and advised them to follow their passion to be a changemaker. The topics of other discussion were- Inspirational Talk by Ayman Sadiq, Industries in Bangladesh, Innovative Bangladesh 2041: Scope for Youth, Get Ready for Tiger Cage, Art of leadership etc. Mr Debasish Deb, Country Manager, PepsiCo, conducted a session named “Saving our planet through responsible consumption and production”, and ensured that PepsiCo has taken initiatives to recycle plastic and prevent the dumping of plastic bottles into oceans.

After a day full of sessions, the attendees enjoyed the musical night, School Of Music: The Unsung Stories. Magical performances by Elita Karim, Minar Rahman and Mahtim Shakib soothed everyone’s stress away.


The last day of the Assembly, Day 4, started with a keynote speech from Mr. Richard Ragan, Representative and Country Director, WFP. The other two sessions of the day were- Good Governance and Civic Education, Prithibi Bodle Jaak. Lastly, Dr. Rubana Huq, President, BGMEA and Managing Director, Mohammadi Group delivered the concluding remarks at the ceremony, thus drawing the curtains on the 4-day long conference. The closing ceremony proved to be a very emotional one for the delegates. Tears were seen running down their faces as the core message of Dr. Rubana Huq struck a sentimental chord with them.  


However, to enlighten the younger generation about the various life prospects, NYA 2020 was held. As our youths are tomorrow’s voice and face, it is essential that they are well educated and have the right knowledge to make wise decisions in life.

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Do you want to widen your horizons as a world-class leader and gain a global perspective in solving today’s most difficult issues? A training program or a youth assembly aims to guide and mobilize the youth of today towards building a bright tomorrow for themselves, for the nation and for the world as a whole.

Here are 7 reasons why you should attend an assembly.

1. Meet diverse people from different backgrounds

Attending a conference will allow you to meet different people, who share different backgrounds and experiences. 

You’re going to spend your time with people who can show you a lot of new things; this will open your mind to different cultures and ways of thinking around you. The participants in charge of spreading positive change all over the nation get together for an assembly or conference with the purpose of helping each other achieve new heights in their capabilities. 

2. Improve and grow personally and professionally

The people you meet will have a multitude of stories to share that can enlighten you.

Surrounding yourself with enthusiastic individuals will inspire you to continue to learn and evolve in all aspects of your life. We can become a source of inspiration and encouragement to be a better person, and fight as they do for your dreams.

3. Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself is one of the best returns you can get on investments. Whether it is investing in learning a new skill, improving yourself personally or professionally, tapping into your imagination or hiring a coach, you must first offer yourself before you can give it to others.

With a varied program that includes engaging roundtable discussions, energizing spark sessions, jaw-dropping presentations and insightful talks, a conference or assembly will set you on the right track to continuous personal growth.

4. Opportunity to travel and discover new places

Numerous conferences are held outside your hometown This should not be an obstacle but an extra opportunity to getaway. 

When you travel to a conference or an assembly in another city of yours, you have the opportunity to get to know a new place and explore its background, its architecture, its people, its culture. An assembly is the ideal opportunity to put together leisure and learning experiences.

5. Break out of your comfort zone

As of today, it’s important to adjust to the world out there, if you want to thrive. It’s moving so fast that we need to be agile and alert enough to identify and be prepared to face developments far before they happen. To be able to cope with anything that is about to come, we need to learn to leave our comfort zone and leap to the –for many unknown–world out there. Conferences and assemblies will give you a taste of this, and will help you begin to realize how the real modern world functions.

6. Always learn something new

The assembly is the perfect platform for the youths to gather knowledge and practice hands-on skills needed to rise up in adverse conditions. As an assembly is a host to innovators, leaders and promising young people, providing an opportunity to approach and tackle some of the toughest issues of today, it will also open the doors to hone diplomatic and developmental skills through enlightened discussions, workshops and networking sessions for the youths. 

The workshops will expand your horizons and will shift your approach to various areas of your life by relevant topics. No workshop would leave you without a takeaway, because there is something to educate and encourage everyone

7. Networking opportunities to get your dream job 

Assemblies are a great opportunity for forming connections. Several times companies attend this type of event to attract participants. This is a great opportunity to sell yourself and show the firms how you can contribute to their growth. 

Through making the right connections during the conference you may eventually land your dream job. 

So why attend these assemblies or conferences? To summarize, Conference attendance dramatically improves both your professional and personal growth, as well as providing you with resources and knowledge that you can not be taught online or in-house.

Keeping this in mind, National Youth Assembly’, a one of a kind gathering of future national leaders is being organized by JAAGO Foundation’s very own ‘Volunteer for Bangladesh’ wing every year. It is the ideal training ground for tomorrow’s innovators, creators, and leaders who will take charge to create a better future for us all and achieve Sustainable Development Goals.  

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The youth play an essential role in contributing to the welfare of society. Their energy, perspectives, innovative ideas, and beliefs act as rays of hope for a better tomorrow. However, somewhere in trying to build a promising future, the youth get distracted and sidetracked by the hurdles and manipulations of life. The problem lies in the lack of awareness and trying to figure out where to initially start from. In order to resolve such issues, the National Youth Assembly was established. 


National Youth Assembly (NYA) is an initiative taken by Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD), a youth wing of JAAGO Foundation. The basis of this platform is to acknowledge them with leading opportunities, building up their self-esteem, to help them gain the confidence to make full use of their potential. Moreover, the youth need to be prepared for any inconvenience they face along with their career and should be able to take control of the situation. The vision of NYA first took place in 2017 and it has been a success story ever since. It is a four-day-long residential program where youth from all over Bangladesh attend the event and take inspirations from noble personalities who share their views and advise the young minds with tips and tricks of making a big impact in this world. NYA usually aims to enlighten the youth with interactive sessions including career-building opportunities, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and much more. 


In March of 2019, the third edition of NYA was held at Cox’s Bazar. The theme of this year was, “Empowering Youth for National Development’’, which gave importance to strengthening and briefing the youth about the various opportunities and making them aware of current world problems and how they can be effective in helping solve those issues. People from different professions, policymakers, and supreme personalities came under one roof to share their experiences and expertise and the youth learned from them through structured debates, skill-building workshops and brainstorming challenges.


Day 1 of the event was inaugurated by the founder of JAAGO Foundation, Korvi Rakshand who briefed the participants about what the four-day event will be about, an idea about the speakers and the activities involved in it. He also mentioned that the youth can share their views on the issues they feel needs to be addressed and the changes they want to see from the government. Powerful speeches were given by VBD President- Ashikur Rahaman and UK Deputy High Commissioner to Bangladesh- Kanbar Hossein Bor. 


With more interactive discussions, Day 2 of NYA started with forums that involved powerful and elevating speeches and the sessions of the day were- Exercising Leadership: Dynamic to Change, Powering Bangladesh, Safe Roads – Save Lives and many more. Each session had notable personalities speak about their journey. The one seminar that stood out was, “Safe Roads-Save Lives’’, which was led by Ilias Kanchon of Nirapad Sarak Chai, Mohammed Shahidullah of BRTA Chattagram Division, Quazi Zulquarnain from Uber Bangladesh & Shawn Hakim of Rancon Motorbikes Limited (RMBL), who addressed road safety issues and our responsibilities as citizens. 


Day 3 of the event consisted of activities that mainly focused on empowering the youth to make a difference in this world. The topics of discussion were- Equal Minds, Equal Rights:  which spoke in depth about the right of equality needed in every aspect of life, Ideas to Action: Entrepreneurship, Keynote Speech: Road to Success, SDG 6 Panel Discussion with WaterAid Bangladesh and many more. Lastly, Inspirational Stories was conducted by esteemed personas consisting lesson on how to make it big in life and to never to lose hope under any circumstances. 


The last day of the event- Day 4, usually comprises of bittersweet moments for every individual there. The day began with sessions named – Access to Information: Innovation for all, E-services in Middle-Income Bangladesh, Youth and Volunteerism, Effective Ways of Communication, and to conclude with- Branding Bangladesh: Product | Services| Human Resource. Lastly, the organizers, VBD members, and delegates gathered together to celebrate a fun-filled night of cultural celebration which was followed by a concert. 


To summarize it, NYA 2019 was an event that was created for the young generation to enlighten them about the different prospects of life. Since our youths are the voice and face of tomorrow, it is important for them to be well informed and have the proper knowledge to make wise decisions in life.

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JAAGO Foundation’s youth development wing “Volunteer for Bangladesh” is conducting a 4 day long residential campaign – National Youth Assembly 2018 (NYA). The second edition of the assembly kicked off on February 7, in the city of world’s largest sea beach Cox’s-Bazar. The event is hosting 140 elected youth leaders, 20 group leaders from 8 Divisional Districts of Bangladesh alongside a group of youth icons, entrepreneurs and social influencers.

The aim of the country’s biggest youth program is to foster self-development, capacity building, self-reliance, develop leadership skills among the youth community of the country. National Youth Assembly is the biggest youth event of the country which is enlightened by the presence of recognized personalities of country. Like the last year’s NYA 17, this year the program will also motivate the youths by the presence of recognized personalities as well.

On the first day of the assembly, Korvi Rakshand, Founder of JAAGO Founation said, “This assembly is a mega ‘get together’ of the spirited and enthusiastic youngsters. Our youths need accurate guidelines in early stage of their career to initiate a bright future. We had a very promising response last year and hope to get a bigger one this time.”

Some of the biggest names of speakers and scholars of NYA 2018 are: Nasrul Hamid, State Minister for Power, Energy & Mineral Resource; Khairul Islam, Country Representative for WaterAid Bangladesh; Dr. Rezwan-ul- Alam , Director-Outreach & Communication ,Transparency International-Bangladesh; Farzana Chowdhury, Executive Director, Green Delta Insurance; Rubaba Dowla, Founder and Managing Director, Pulse Healthcare Service; Shamima Akhter, Director, Public Affairs and Communication, Coca-Cola Bangladesh Limited; Ejaj Ahmed, Founder & President of BYLC; Ayman Sadiq, Founder at 10 Minute School; Dr. Abdun Noor Tushar, COO at Nagorik TV; Elita Karim, Journalist, Singer, Actress; Riyad Husain, CEO & MD, Magnito Digital; Arif R Hossain, Founder at Aamrai Bangladesh and many more.

There will be inclusive and interactive workshops, trainings, speeches, and grooming sessions in the 4-day long assembly which will sharpen the knowledge of the youth participants and give them opportunity to acquire knowledge from top most personalities of the country. The assembly will present a mix of plenaries and coexisting panels on issues ranging from identities and values to sustainable development goals, entrepreneurship and social innovation thus help youth delegates to transform their ideas into reality for a better Bangladesh.

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JAAGO Foundation has been the pioneer in providing the youths of Bangladesh a voice and a platform through its Youth Wing “Volunteer for Bangladesh” to contribute in nation building.

National Youth Assembly 2017 is part of JAAGO Foundations such endeavor to build Leadership Skills and Capacity among the volunteers of its nation-wide volunteer organization – Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD). It will be a 4 day long residential training program from 16th to 19th January, 2017. It is aimed at providing a hub for innovation where youth leaders can meet and share their ideas and visions to build a better Bangladesh.

The National Youth Assembly 2017 will bring together about 112 youth delegates from 8 divisions of Bangladesh under one roof to strengthen their leadership and communication skills to help them, serve their community.
The assembly will feature various workshops, interactive sessions between the volunteers and distinguished speakers from around the country. The sessions will discuss various ideas on social development, dimensions of human development, social entrepreneurship, women empowerment and community participation.

The delegates will get to interact with volunteers form different districts and improve their networking skills. They will learn to work in teams and take united efforts for building a better nation together. The will be trained to generate new ideas and how to implement them effectively to build a better Bangladesh. This inclusive and engaging program will enlighten the delegates with issues like Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to community engagement. It will further strengthen personal development of the delegates thus inspire and motivate them to be Active Citizens in their respective areas.

This is a unique platform which will help youths to effectively be agents for positive social change in their communities and as well as globally. We believe that if the youth of Bangladesh are equipped with the right skills, values, knowledge and such platforms, then we can leave behind a Bangladesh that is better than the one that we inherited.


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For the first time in the journey of Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD), the youth wing of JAAGO Foundation arranged “National Youth Assembly 2017” which was a 4 day long residential program held at Cox’s Bazaar, connecting 112 delegates from different parts of Bangladesh. This was a capacity building leadership programme aimed at creating a platform for the young leaders to build their leadership skills, networking strength, make them empowered and ensure sustainable development.

The first day of the assembly started with an inspiring opening speech by the founder and chairman of JAAGO Foundation, Korvi Rakshand who motivated the attendees to utilize the teachings from this assembly to accomplish milestones for their respective districts. Later he introduced the group leaders who were in charge of the participating delegates.

The second day of the assembly was mainly focused on very interactive session on “Leadership in a changing world” where the delegates got the opportunity to know about the passion, purpose, and the possibilities of leadership. This session was taken by expert speakers from Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) and Ejaj Ahmad, the founder and president of BYLC himself.

The third day of the program covered sessions on the role of youth in the media, youth and entrepreneurship,SDG and a special session on water – crisis in Bangladesh and also globally. Different established speakers from the respective fields were present to share their insights on how youth can tackle the challenges they usually face in their road of starting up their own business and being entrepreneurs and how they can utilize media for their own advancement.

Macro Economist, Founder and Chairperson at CPD, Convener Citizen’s Platform of SDGs in Bangladesh, Dr. Debapriya Bhattacharya himself discussed about how youth can work together to achieve the global goals. He said, “Bangladesh has developed in many aspects but 40% of our youth are not into job or education. If in such condition our asset remains unused, it will be impossible for us to achieve the 2030 global goals.” After that another session was taken particularly on SDG goal number six “Water and sanitation” which is a very common and significant problem in our country right now.

The day ended with a beautiful dinner hosted by Microsoft Bangladesh. Sonia Bashir Kabir, Managing Director of Microsoft Bangladesh had announced 18 female volunteers from 18 different districts as Microsoft Brand Ambassadors for the JAAGO community. The dinner ended with some inspiring personnel sharing their life stories.

The fourth and the final day of the assembly started by the visit from Marcia Stephens Bloom Bernicat, the American Ambassador in Bangladesh and U.S. Embassy to Bangladesh Representatives, who have been supporting JAAGO Foundation from the very beginning of its journey.

In a discussion Marcia Bernicat said, “JAAGO and Volunteer for Bangladesh are great examples of how small acts of kindness and an entrepreneurial spirit can help change a country.” Later on, she could not help dancing to the tune, along with the young volunteers, at the inauguration ceremony of the elected winners, while giving out certificates and tokens of appreciation to them! After the inauguration, there was a session on the role of youth in nation building through ICT.

In this session, honorable State Minister Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak said “I thank JAAGO Foundation and the organizers of National Youth Assembly 2017 for organizing such an important and much needed step for this time. From time to time it has been the youth who has given the lead in making a difference in the world. Right now by using the dedication, intelligence and efficiency of the youth we want to build the Digital Bangladesh.”

Over the four days, the volunteers went through rigorous training programmes and also were given the opportunities to ask questions and learn from prominent personalities and researcher directly. Individuals from all corners and walks of life came together under one umbrella and operated on one platform to make positive changes for the future happen.